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3 Ways to Improve Communication In A Relationship

Good communication is one of the cornerstones that make up a strong relationship. On the other hand poor communication can lead to a relationship breakdown as partners may find it difficult to ever trust each other.

Not everyone is good at communicating. If you happen to be one of these people, you may find it harder to start and maintain a stable relationship. Good communication skills can also help transform a shaky relationship into a functioning, healthy relationship.

Simple tips and basic communication skills can help you become a good communicator. The following are 3 ways to improve communication and maintain a good relationship.

Always express yourself freely

To have a good relationship, you must be free with your partner. Being free means you can share anything with him. You can share all the things that bother you, amaze you, please or surprise you. You’ll find it’s very difficult to maintain a strong relationship with someone you cannot talk to freely.

When you learn to express yourself freely, you will never feel the need to hide something from that person and your partner will also feel more free to share his problems with you.

When you are angry, you should definitely tell him what is making you angry and this will make your partner respect you and your opinion simply because you express yourself freely.

When expressing yourself, remember to say exactly what you mean and feel about something don?t beat around the bush. Be honest and go straight to the point.

Be a good listener

A good communicator is a good listener as well. Just like you want your partner to listen to your thoughts and feelings, be sure to give that person your full attention when the time comes for you to listen.

Men are considered poor listeners in most relationships but this does not mean that they don?t listen at all. To get someone to really listen to you, you may need to find the right time to start a conversation.

Don?t try to force your partner to listen to you when he’s watching his favorite movie or something on ESPN, because he may end up paying more attention to the TV than to you.

By listening to your partner you are giving him a chance to open up and seek solace from you. The last thing you want to do to your partner is ignore him when he’s trying to talk to you.

Build a strong foundation

Without a strong foundation, even the best communicators find it hard to build a close relationship. Strong foundations are based on a number of different things: the way you treat each other, the level of intimacy you share, how well you understand each other and how the two of you manage your relationship problems.

For you to have a strong relationship you must know what makes your partner angry and what makes him happy and how to avoid deliberately aggravating him.

Remember no relationship is complete without intimacy, so it’s important that you always create some time for intimacy. Try to strike a balance that takes into account both of your schedules.

Remember that intimacy doesn’t always mean sex. Sometimes it’s just as important to spend time snuggling together while watching a movie.

Lastly, don’t forget non-verbal communication can be just as important and impacting as the spoken word. You can often communicate just as effectively with a stroke of his face with your hand or a strong, warm embrace.



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