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5 Top Make Money Online Strategies

The truth is this – there are hundreds if not thousands of ways in which you can make money online. And what is really great about the internet is that new opportunities crop up on a regular basis. New market places, products and services get created almost on a daily basis. Assuming that you are just a beginner when it comes to earning good income online, below are the top 5 most common if not most effective make money online strategies.

1. Blogging – Just a few years ago, barely anybody knows what a blog is. Fast forward today and “blog and blogging” have become household names. Everybody now knows what a blog is. There are currently millions of blogs around the world and thousands more are being created every single day. But then again, how do you make money from your blog? Trying to earn income from a blog is referred to as blog monetization. There are several blog monetization techniques that bloggers use. The most common of these is the use of ad displays. Ads can be in the form of direct ads which are ad spaces purchased directly from you or they can be in the form of ads served by ad programs like AdSense and Bidvertiser. You can also sign up with affiliate companies then promote affiliate products on your blog. If you make a sale, you also make a commission.

2. Affiliate marketing – This is a continuation of number 1 in which we shortly brushed upon the topic of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in the simplest of terms is merely promoting and selling other people’s products and services. You earn a sales commission on every successful sale that you make. Commission rates vary depending on the affiliate company of the product. How much you earn on every sale also varies. It could be a few cents or dozens of dollars.

3. Freelance writing – If writing articles is your thing, then freelance writing is a very good fit for you. Blogs and websites are always looking for fresh content. More often than not, the owners of these sites are too busy to write their own articles so they outsource them. This is where you come in as a freelance writer. Offer your writing services to them for a fee.

4. Direct selling – If you have your own product or service to sell, then direct selling is a good way to sell it. This way you get to keep most of the profits for yourself.

5. Flipping websites – Flipping websites is the business of buying and selling websites for a profit. You can create a website then offer it for sale. Or you can buy an existing website, improve it then resell it with a markup.

The above 5 strategies which we repeat are blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, direct selling and website flipping are the best places to start if you are still learning the ropes of internet marketing. Once you learn the basics of these strategies, it will be much easier for you to expand your businesses to bigger or shall we say more advanced markets.


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