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Authentic Happiness – How to Experience True Happiness

All of us want to experience authentic happiness. But once found, we get confused and we find ourselves troubled in holding on to such happiness. Ever met someone who lives a cheerful and marvelous life all the time? Though some fake it, others experience authentic happiness.

We ask how these people see things so sweetly that, despite of the hectic schedules and stress they experience everyday, they continue to play around and laugh at things. Now why would many people of lower status or lesser wealth be happier than those who has much more than them (in terms of tangible things)?

The answer is simple; they feel truly happy because the feeling starts from within. They love themselves first and then spread it like a contagious sickness in the hope to bring cheers to others.

It pertains to being satisfied with the things around you; and this includes your career, your looks, your partner, your family, your house, your car, and everything else you have. Truly, when you secure your own satisfaction, you already know the secret to achieve authentic happiness, and that is by being contented with what you have. It does not mean you have to be the best or have the best things in the world.

It also means you accept your mistakes and have the desire to start all over again. Authentic happiness is not perfection but learning to accept your own shortcomings. For as long as you believe in yourself, others will accept and believe in you. For as long as you know how to give love, love will be given back to you ten folds.

Laughter is indeed the best medicine to life’s heartaches, but it is laughing over self that makes you free; only then will you experience authentic happiness.

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