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Becoming a Person of Influence – Important Factors to Consider

What does it take to become a person of influence? Is it money, power, or the right kind of leadership? How about connection with the influential people? Is becoming a person of influence inherent, acquired or learned? Various factors are considered in becoming a person of influence.

You are influential when you have followers or when you can convince the majority to alter a vital decision. Indeed, you display persuasiveness and influence, convincingly executed.

Money is one ingredient in becoming a person of influence. Money can be utilized to do immoral or illegal things such as buying votes of the electorates during election period. Nevertheless, money can be used as rewards to motivate others to do the right things such as good performance at work, cooperating with the police in capturing the criminals or returning the lost items. You can also use money to influence others to do good deeds by giving donations to charitable institutions.

Power is another factor. Power is commonly linked to positions or ranks, not only in a company or an institution, but even at home. Having a high position provides you power to make significant decisions that probably could change the lives of other people including your household members, or the status of your company or organization, making you an influential person. Also, having connection with influential individuals could potentially enhance your power.

One of the most important factors is your leadership skill. Bear in mind that not all leaders, when they have started, have money to use, power to impose or connection with the influential people. But effective leaders have generated followers that were persuaded or influenced by their skill, personality or principles in life, thus magnetizing people with money and power, making them more prominent.

Leadership skill could be innate. It can also be learned or acquired through trainings or seminars; practicing such learning makes you a person of influence.

These factors are virtually interrelated with each other. Use your influential power wisely.

If a person thinks that he leads the people but nobody follows him, then he is not considered as a leader. He is merely taking a walk. Becoming a person of influence entails bigger opportunities, and most importantly, responsibilities. It is up to you whether to utilize it for the worse or the betterment of people.

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