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Can a Teenager Make Money Online

What is great about the internet is that anybody can have access to it. As long as you know how to use the mouse, type on a keyboard and browse through sites, you can pretty much do anything on the internet. The same applies to making money online. If you know the basics of the internet, then there is nothing that can stop you from making money on it. This takes us to the question which is also the title of this article: Can a teenager make money online? The answer is of course a resounding YES. Being a teenager does not make you less qualified to earn money from the internet. In fact there are a lot of teenagers out there who are out-earning their older counterparts. It not uncommon nowadays to hear of a 16-year old making a killing online.

Now that the question on whether a teenager can make money online has been answered, let’s go now to the ways in which a teenager can actually earn an income on the internet. These ways are not that different from the ways that most internet marketers and entrepreneurs use. So here they are:

1) Blogging – Being young does not mean you don’t have enough knowledge about something to be blogging about it. You can blog just about any topic you want. If you like football, then you can set up a blog about football. Just write your thoughts about the game. Sooner or later, people who are also interested on the game of football will start noticing your blog and keep coming back to read your posts. When your readers reach a considerable number, you can then monetize your blog in order to make money from it. You can place advertisements on your blog and make money every time a visitor views or clicks on the ad.

2) Affiliate Marketing – All you have to do is promote and sell affiliate products provided by affiliate companies such as Amazon. If you make a sale, you earn a commission. It is that simple. To be successful in affiliate marketing though, you have to have some internet marketing skills. Don’t worry, internet marketing is not that difficult to do as long as you are willing to learn it. The most common ways of marketing an affiliate product online is via blogging, article marketing, social media marketing and advertising. If you learn all of these things, then you are good to go.

3) Freelance Writing – This is a perfect strategy especially for teenagers who are also students. In freelance writing, you work only when you like. When you feel like accepting paid writing assignments. This also enables you to practice your writing skills. You hone your writing skills while earning along the way. It does not get any better than this.

4) Paid Surveys – There are thousands of businesses and companies online who will pay you for your opinions. All you have to do is answer questions and fill up survey forms. Just complete and submit them. Instant cash. You have to be very careful though because there are a lot of scammers out there who are using paid surveys as a trick to get your contact details and information.


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