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Common Relationship Issues and How To Fix Them

Rarely do couples ever avoid their fair share of bumps in the road during their relationship journey. If you can identify what specific relationship issues may be headed your way ahead of time, you will gain a greater chance of avoiding them altogether.

Successful couples have effectively learned how to deal with the inevitable ups and downs that every relationship goes through. In other words, they know how to keep their love life alive.

When the going gets tough, they don’t give up. They’ve figured out how to tackle both big and small problems along with how to handle complex issues certain days present.

Many simply learn from trial and error, watching other loving couples, attending counseling and seminars, or reading self-improvement articles and books.

Relationship Issue #1: Poor Communication

Seemingly, all relationship issues derive from poor communication skills on some level. It’s impossible to communicate with your partner if you are reading the paper, watching television, or checking your smartphone.

Strategies for Poor Communication

– If you and your partner find it difficult to talk about certain issues without your voices rising, go to a public place together to talk such as a park, coffee shop, or library. Neither of you will yell in public due to embarrassing yourselves – right?

– Establish some boundaries. Try not to interrupt your partner while they are speaking. Also, try to avoid using accusatory phrases such as “you never” or “you always”.

– Use your body language to illustrate you’re paying attention. Refrain from checking your phone, biting your nails, and not looking the other person in the eye while they’re talking.

Occasionally nod so your partner knows they have your full attention and you’re listening to what they’re saying.

Reiterate some of their words if you like. By repeating back their exact sentence, it shows you’re not only listening, but you understand them as well.

Relationship Issue #2: Problems in the Bedroom

Even deeply caring couples who truly love one another can be sexually mismatched. In addition to finding themselves on different carnal planes, these problems get even worse when they are coupled with a lack of education and sexual self-awareness.

However, couples should never simply throw in the towel when it comes to sexual intimacy. Sex has the capability to bring couples closer together while releasing certain hormones that support the body both mentally and physically along with keeping the lover’s chemistry in good health.

Strategies for Problems in the Bedroom

– Arrange intimate sexual time for you and your partner. If you have to, mark it on a calendar and make an appointment. Yes – it’s that important.

Couples with children should elicit the help of family and friends to watch the kids every other weekend. When there’s a sex date scheduled on the calendar, it’s exciting since it builds the anticipation factor.

Also, changing things up in the bedroom can make it a bit more stimulating and fun. Find other places to have sex besides the bedroom – perhaps the laundry room or the hallway? The more unusual, the better.

– Both you and your partner could create a sex list. Make a list of everything that turns you on, or could potentially turn you on. Then exchange lists with your partner to create interesting scenarios that both of you can experience and enjoy.

– Employ the help of an experienced sex therapist if you are having a difficult time mending your sexual relationship issues.



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