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Confidence and Power in Dealing With People – The Foolproof Way

Having supreme confidence and power in dealing with people seems like a skill that only the masters of interpersonal relationships and persuasion would be good at. But you would be surprised to know that there are simple tricks to get to the point where you could have a firm confidence and power in dealing with people.

Of course, everything that needs confidence and power needs to come from within. Thus, it is only logical that you must first be confident in general if you want to be confident in dealing with people.

If you notice, the most assertive individuals are those who know themselves well. Thus, the road to confidence and power in dealing with people starts in knowing yourself. Knowing yourself is a function of knowing your capacities and limits. When you know these, you would have confidence in yourself, and that would consequently practice the habit of being firm with yourself and with people.

Asserting yourself is a practice and habit of one who is confident in dealing with others. Unless you are assertive, no one would believe your authority.

Assertion is not something that can be faked, however. You must believe that you can say “no” to people. You must believe in yourself to be able to persuade people to do what you want to do.

Notice that the indecisive are those who do not have a backbone. They tend to please people, and they have the tendency to hate their lives because they cannot get what they want.

Cultivate respect for yourself, believe in yourself, and realize that you can say “no” to pushy people and even convince others to do what you want them to do.

Cultivating respect for yourself starts when you value yourself. Valuing yourself could start from realizing and appreciating your achievements. Work from there, towards valuing yourself for who you are. It is something that stems from knowing who you really are, and appreciating the “fearfully and wonderfully” created entity that you are.

Having great confidence and power in dealing with people is a lifestyle. Work from confidence within yourself, and practice assertion with people. From an experiment of learning when to say “no,” it would then turn into a skill of being able to say what you want to say, and getting people to follow what you say.

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