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Controlling Verbal Aggression – How to Stop Verbal Aggression Once and For All!

Controlling verbal aggression is crucial if you’re living or dealing with a person who likes to attack others using sharp, hurtful words. Controlling verbal aggression can be a pain if you are not skilled or trained to deal with an aggressor.

One of the techniques for controlling verbal aggression is to study the assailant. You may need to teach him a permanent lesson, so that potential future victims could be spared from his ways.

If you have a person who can’t control his verbal aggression, be it at work or at home, follow the basic insights below to help you deal with the situation.

Study his personal profile so you can go to the root of controlling verbal aggression. Building a profile means understanding how he thinks, understanding the reasons why he is having that kind of behavior, and understanding factors that make him act in such aggressive way.

Know what he likes to do, what he wants to hear, what he likes to read, the people he surrounds himself with, and how emotionally stable he is, among others. You could study his financial, physical, social and mental situation in the present and in the last few years, if possible.

Understanding these matters will help you gather rapport, strategize and execute your final plan in controlling verbal aggression.

You can get such information by asking the aggressor in a subtle way (when he is in the right mood), or by asking people that the aggressor verbally abuses. Most often, these attackers tend to have bad family upbringing or may have an unstable family history.

Once you have compiled enough information about the verbal aggressor, you can now talk to him politely, and tell him what the consequences may likely be if he continues with such behavior.

Tell him that you understand what he’s gone through, and that you’ll probably adopt the same behavior if you’ve had the same experiences. Show him how changing such attitude can bring about tremendous improvements in his life.

The key to controlling verbal aggression lies during the initial contact. Express your opinion of the situation in a polite way that connects the aggressor with your request; don’t make an empirical demand.

Communicating with him the likely consequences of his behavior, and being sincere about making your request (which is for his own good), can be effective in make him understand how wrong the aggressive behavior is for both present and future outcomes.

If the aggression comes from a partner or a colleague from work, an alternative option would be to report him to his superior, and explain how his attitude has been negatively affecting the people around him. Putting a halt on the aggressive behavior will prevent the aggressor on turning physically violent, which can bring about bigger problems.

If controlling verbal aggression is still unattainable, a last option would be to ask help from a psychiatrist or medical professional. Good luck!

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