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Could Your Money Management Strategy Be Ruining Your Chances with Your Ex?

Believe it or not, disagreements over money are the number one cause of divorces and breakups on a global scale. It isn’t children, cheating, or even bad cooking that sends the other one packing. It’s simple matters of money management styles and priorities. While coming together on methods for managing money will be a huge bonus for your odds of reconciliation, there are other wise money matters that could help even more. These are a few financial decisions that can seriously boost your odds of relationship success with your ex.

 Keep Separate Accounts

While there is money that must be pooled for household resources such as mortgage, car payments, groceries, and utilities, children, retirement, savings, etc., you each need to have your own cash you can spend on yourself according to your needs. It also needs to be money that is yours and yours alone. This way there’s no confusion or crossed signals about how to spend the money or who gets to spend it.

Just remember that one person shouldn’t shoulder the burden of unexpected expenses alone. That only breeds resentment.

 Improve Your Financial Outlook

Take steps now, before you get back together, to make positive changes for your financial outlook. Go back to school — at least take a few classes to improve your employability and, possibly, to increase your salary potential. Get a new job if that’s an option. Sometimes, making a move from one company to another can bring a higher salary simply because you have experience. Some companies tend to spend less money hiring new employees than they do to retain their talent. At the very least, explore your options for a better financial future.

 Learn to Manage Your Own Money Better

Managing money isn’t always about all saving and no spending. There’s a lot to be said about quality of life being greatly enriched when you spend some money on yourself. At the same time, if you can stretch your money with a little planning, there’s no need to spend more than is necessary. Clip coupons. Match coupons with sales. Stock up when prices are low. Buy items you want on layaway rather than credit cards. Small moves such as these can help you save a great deal of money over time and with consistency.

The better your financial outlook is, the greater your odds of being able to work things out will be. Just remember, that without coming together on your ideas about money management, old fights and old resentments are sure to surface. You must come to an understanding over money before you get back together and intermingle your finances once again.


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