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Covert Persuasion: 3 Powerful Covert Persuasion Techniques That Produce Astonishing Results

In this modern world, covert persuasion techniques are your weapons. They help you gain advantage in the playing field and keep you ahead of the game. Whether you’re a sales person, a mother, a teenager or just a simple guy trying to talk his way out of a speeding ticket, covert persuasion techniques are your best friends.

These subliminal methods of persuasion come in different forms and are useful in different situations. Check out some of them below and see which one you think best suits you.

Covert Persuasion Technique # 1: Association With Good Or Positive Things

Larry, 28, is an advertising manager for a large appliance company. Part of his job is to meet with clients left and right. However, Larry doesn’t always meet his clients in the office. In fact, he often meets with them in reputable restaurants. They eat, discuss the deal and at the end of the meeting, he foots the bill. No matter how expensive the meal is, Larry will pay for all of it (with the company’s money, of course).

It might not seem like an example of a covert persuasion technique but that’s only to those who are not familiar with this business. What Larry used was actually the law of association.

He wanted his clients to feel good about this meeting. That explains the good restaurant, the good food and the footing of the bill. His clients will then associate their good experience with Larry and the company he works for.

Using the law of association is a very powerful subliminal method of persuasion. You, too, can harness the law of association to your own advantage. Always associate yourself with good things and others will see you in that light as well.

Covert Persuasion Technique # 2: Being A Friend

The law of friends has been around for centuries. It states that people would usually help those they perceive as their friends. This law can be quite useful even when you’re already working. Some of the best business opportunities are even provided by friends!

For example, if you’re a dentist and want to increase your patients, I suggest letting your friends know about it first. Even friends who haven’t seen since high school will be more than glad to help you out. That is because your friends trust you and in what you can do.

Covert Persuasion Technique # 3: Disassociation From Negative Things

The Law of disassociation is the complete opposite of the law of association. If you can’t afford to be seen in a bad light, then this is a subliminal persuasion tactic that might help you a lot.

I remember one incident where the law of disassociation came quite in handy. It was a friend’s experience; not mine. In his own words, here’s what he told me:

“Back when I was still in college, I had to face one of the most grueling challenges in every relationship: meeting the parents.

Things were going well at first until after dinner when we stayed in the living room to watch television. The local news channel was reporting a fraternity fight that broke out between two schools. One of them was my old alma matter. There couldn’t be a worse time for that bit of news to come out.

The father knew where I studied in high school, of course, having already grilled me hours before. ‘Does your school often get into these fights?’ the father asked. ‘They don’t really get into fights often. That one seems like a solitary case.’ I said.”

Notice that my friend used the words “they” and “that.” By disassociating himself from the school, he also got rid of the father’s notion of him being a hooligan.

Using covert persuasion techniques to your advantage does not make you a selfish person. It only means that you have a better understanding of human nature.

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