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Covert Persuasion Techniques – 5 Sales-Boosting Persuasion Tips

It’s not easy to sell. You can’t survive by just being intelligent; you also have to be armed with a pack-load of charm and wit. You also have an enormous edge if you know and use covert persuasion techniques.

If you wish to be a successful businessman or salesperson, you can learn some simple yet effective covert persuasion techniques to boost your sales by reading this article.

Technique #1: Know Your Product

It is useless to be all ready and dressed up if you don’t know anything about the product that you are selling. Although people are attracted to businessmen who “look” like they know a lot about the product that they are selling, the magic dies out immediately once potential customers can detect that the businessman is just bluffing and does not actually know anything about the product that he is trying to sell! Study your product and gain as much information as you can about it so that you will be able to persuade potential customers more effectively.

Technique #2: Practice Your Sales Pitch

Do not confuse practicing your sales pitch with memorizing your sales pitch. Practicing and memorizing are two entirely different things. Practicing your sales pitch is more effective since you will be more fluent in talking to your customers about the product that you are selling. It is not advisable to memorize your sales pitch because one mistake could lead to your downfall.

Technique #3: Be Smooth And Suave

You may be faced with very fussy or annoying customers and you should be ready for those kinds of situations. Learn to work well under pressure because your ability and skills as a businessman will truly be tested when you can successfully convince customers to buy your products even when you are already under pressure.

Just stay cool, calm and collected in answering or demonstrating to your potential customers and sooner or later, you will have them wrapped around your little finger.

Technique #4: Be Honest

It is much easier to convince a person about something that you know is true rather than convince them about something that is bogus. Do not oversell your product because if your products fail or cannot live up to the promises that you gave your customers, it will just boomerang to you and you will end up having a bad reputation in the sales industry.

Technique #5: Maintain Eye Contact

Learn the art of looking into someone’s eyes. Looking straight into the customer’s eyes has a very powerful effect in their decision as to whether they would buy your product or not. However, you should keep the eye contact to a moderate intensity or else you might be misinterpreted or you might get in trouble for doing so.

Don’t underestimate the power of these covert persuasion techniques. They may be simple, yet they have been proven to work time and time again.

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