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Dating Conversation Topics: 3 Hot Topics To Keep The Conversation Alive When Dating

Dead air. That’s what they call it when the radio or television show becomes quiet for a few moments. Experiencing dead air in a date is just as humiliating. In order to prevent such awkwardness, it’s important to have a mental list of dating conversation topics available.

There are a lot of possible dating conversation topics available for every kind of couple. Below are some examples you can use.

Dating Conversation Topics # 1: Mutual Friends

Having mutual friends is always a good icebreaker. It gives you a sense of familiarity you don’t often experience on a first date. Plus, you can laugh about the funny people you know together, and even have a blast talking about the good old days.

Just be careful not to hurt any feelings and keep your eyes peeled for any change in your date’s facial expression.

Dating Conversation Topics # 2: Movies

Everyone loves movies. From chick flick to something more action-packed… Even if you and your date have differing opinions on a particular film or scene, at least the conversation is lively and interesting.

It’s the difference in taste that keeps the conversation alive. Besides, talking about movies already opens the door for a second date!

Dating Conversation Topics # 3: Hobbies

Hobbies let your date know just what kind of person you are. It makes you an even more interesting person and adds personality to your character.

Don’t be embarrassed if you have any somewhat peculiar hobby because you can always twist it around – making it seem like you have a very good sense of humor and that you’re not afraid of what other people might think of you.

Dating conversation topics can range from cooking to animals… It all depends on the common ground the two of you share. Even if you are total opposites, having a good conversation will make everything more interesting and fun.

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