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Dating Shyness – How to Overcome Your Shyness When Dating

Dating shyness can be an obstacle for people who are timid or introverted. Aside from the natural “players” who circle the dating game as if it’s a carnival ride, some people just aren’t born lucky. Let’s figure out if you have dating shyness or if you’re the ultimate natural at the dating scene. Ask yourself these questions.

Do you end up being your most boring self on a date? Do you get tongue-tied and out of words? Do you simply sit there and mumble your answers for fear of saying something silly? Then, congratulations! This article is undeniably the one for you.

Below are tips on overcoming your dating shyness. I hope you learn enough to get past those first-dates only category.

Being naturally shy isn’t supposed to be your fault. If you are uncomfortable opening up or sharing too much of yourself too soon, this can work to your advantage. For the opposite sex, you can be mistaken as somebody quite “mysterious”. And mystery breeds its own sort of anticipation.

Instead of talking about yourself on a date, focus instead on the other person. Don’t feign interest; be genuine by being eager to know more about your date. That way, you can remain your shy self, without ruining the date.

Ask questions. Be nice and polite. Dating shyness can’t be that bad, you don’t have to be the Extrovert-of-the-Year to score points on that first date!

Figure out what makes you shy. Deal with provoking situations as you would a math problem. Do it a step at a time. If you feel tense being on blind dates and having dinner with a complete stranger, then don’t. Why not go into cyber romance first?

Get to know somebody by emailing, chatting or even text messaging. If you feel comfortable enough, you can meet up later on, right? That way you wouldn’t be too shy once you see him/her up close.

So you see, being shy doesn’t mean you should miss out on the dating opportunities at your feet. All you have to do is to work your way around dating shyness until it works to your advantage. It’s nothing really harmful as long as it’s a natural part of your personality. Besides if your date really does like you for who you are, it won’t matter if you’re outgoing or extremely shy.

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