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Effective Persuasion Techniques for Salespeople

How many times have you wished for an ancient lamp containing a magical genie to give you powerful persuasion techniques to help you in the distinctive and diverse methods of selling?

If you often find yourself with cold, clammy hands and chattering teeth before spewing your adequately prepared spiel, then chances are, you won’t get very far with your prospective client. Why?

Because if you yourself aren’t projecting wholehearted conviction with the quality of the product you are endorsing, then why should others believe you? It may seem like a no-brainer, but this is the main reason why many salespeople perform badly, to the detriment of their company’s annual output.

So if you want to be an exceptional person in the sales department with a big paycheck and commissions to boot, here are 3 tried and tested persuasion techniques sure to launch you into stratospheric heights.

1. Be understanding. Yes, this is easier said than done but the whole point of understanding your customers would make life easier for both of you. How? It’s quite simple actually!

When you immerse yourself in their world, you are given the rare opportunity to look at any given situation from their own point of view. Therefore, you should formulate questions geared towards knowing their likes and dislikes.

You should also try to figure out how they tick. Try putting yourself in their shoes and imagine how they would feel if somebody comes up to them to present Product X. What do you think will their outlook be? Knowing the answers to these million dollar questions will give you the chance to respond with fitting actions that would benefit their existence.

If you’re understanding, it would also be much easier to establish trust and rapport with others. This is one of the most basic persuasion techniques.

2. Be Mr./Ms. Congeniality. True, this is not a beauty pageant. Nevertheless, an open and friendly atmosphere between you and your client can possibly lead to more dynamic and fruitful deals in the latter part. A sincere smile can help uplift their moods. A heartfelt compliment can boost their spirits. Though these may be considered little gestures, they count a lot.

Clients should be pampered and made to feel that a helping hand is just nearby. Go the extra mile by not only delivering according to their expectations, but by exceeding them. In fact, a caring environment will make them more amenable to your suggestions.

3. Show convincing evidence. It is not enough to be nice and friendly to clinch a deal. You also have to present how your idea or product is much better than the others in the market. Present compelling proof through the use of testimonials, like before/after ads or one-on-one comparisons. However, ensure that your claims are all truthful and confirmable.

With these effective persuasion techniques in mind, you are now ready to take on what the world has to offer. Good luck!

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