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Emotional Blackmail: 3 Helpful Tips To Protect Yourself From Emotional Blackmail

We all know how emotional blackmail works. After all, we’ve seen it happen so many times. Person A wants something from person B. Person B doesn’t want to give in so Person A uses tired old lines like “Don’t you love me anymore?” or “I’m only doing this for you.” The scenario is usually the same.

So how come we don’t realize it when we’re hit by emotional blackmail until it is too late? The answer is simple.

Emotional blackmail involves our own emotions. And we all know how feelings cloud judgment. Sometimes, we think that we’re exempted from it; and we convince ourselves that we’re immune to it.

However, this kind of thinking only makes us more vulnerable to manipulation. What you need are tips on how to avoid and deal with emotional blackmail the right way.

Emotional Blackmail Protection Tip # 1: Recognize The Signs.

The first step to protection is information. Know when you are being manipulated. Typically, emotional blackmail has six stages: Demand, Resistance, Pressure, Threats, Compliance and Repetition.

Demand is when a person asks you to do something for him. Resistance is when you convey how uneasy you are about his request. Pressure is when he backs you up into a corner. Threat is when he starts saying that not giving in will have negative consequences for you. Compliance is when you give up and give in. Repetition is when the whole maddening cycle begins again.

Being aware of these stages allows you to take cover before these manipulators take advantage of you and leave you on the losing end.

Emotional Blackmail Protection Tip # 2: Love Yourself.

Victims of emotional blackmail are often insecure about themselves. They rely heavily on other people and can’t help but give in to their control easily.

To protect yourself, keep a healthy self-esteem. Don’t let what other people say affect you too much. Know yourself and your self-worth.

Talk to a friend who can help you identify all your outstanding qualities. Or take time off to work on your personal issues. This is a preventive measure to help you stand against emotional blackmail.

Emotional Blackmail Protection Tip # 3: Stay Logical.

Adopting a logical point of view can help prevent you from being manipulated. It is a lot more challenging than it sounds, so you’d better be prepared to stay firm.

Giving in might be the easier option, but that will only doom you to another cycle of emotional blackmail. It all comes down to how much more you can take.

Everyone is capable of using emotional blackmail to get what they want. Don’t let yourself become a victim. Apply the tips in this article and protect yourself.

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