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Essential Tips in Trying to Get Pregnant After Miscarriage

Losing a baby is indeed painful and can also be traumatic, but this is something that you need to overcome in order to accept the fate and move on with life. It may take time before someone who had undergone such ordeal may think about trying to get pregnant after miscarriage, but it is something that you need to learn how to face and conquer in order to start anew.

If you are at this phase in your life, here are some essential tips about trying to get pregnant after miscarriage. First of all, you must be prepared that the waiting time to conceive a child may be longer at this point. You have to be extra careful with what you eat and what you don’t eat. You have to adjust your lifestyle in ways that will help you in trying to get pregnant after miscarriage.

The Right Steps

1. If you are a smoker, this is the best time to get rid of the habit. This will help in decreasing the chances for a miscarriage to happen again. This does not apply solely to the woman. You have to ask your partner to do the same, especially while you are both trying to conceive. Through this, there will be lots of possibilities that the baby may be formed through all the hard work.

2. If you are fond of taking long dips at the hot tub, you have to skip the act while you are still trying to get pregnant after miscarriage. This may help a person relax and get rid of their stresses, but it is not advisable for you at the moment because you will never know when you might already have succeeded in conceiving a child.

There are certain evidences, which pointed out that it is not advisable during the early stage of one’s pregnancy to be exposed at anything that may elevate their body temperature. This might increase the chances for a miscarriage and may also result to neutral tube defects. You have to be extra careful, so it is best that you use warm water in such instances that you want to use the tub.

3. You have to quit drinking alcoholic beverages. Some people might say that it will not hurt if you will try a little occasionally, but it is best if you stay away from these altogether while you are still trying to get pregnant.

You may still take coffee, especially if you are the type of person who really can’t function without caffeine in your system, but you also have to limit your intake of any caffeinated drinks that include coffee and tea.

4. It is highly recommended that you take folic acid. Although there is no direct evidence that states that this can help prevent miscarriage, this can at least help in reducing the risk of neural tube defects, which can be fatal and serious.

The last thing that you have to remember while you are trying to get pregnant after miscarriage is to learn to accept whatever fate has in store for you. This can really get frustrating, especially after you have tried almost everything and nothing still seems to work. You have to take it easy and learn to enjoy the process and love yourself and partner more no matter what happens at the end of it all.


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