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There are women who get pregnant easily and there are those who take quite some time to conceive. Some even have unwanted and unplanned pregnancies. This is because our bodies are different from one another. The interplay of our bodily functions differs from individual to individual. Some have sensitive receptors that react quickly with a minor change in hormone levels. Maybe your easiest way to get pregnant may not be true to them.

Here are some of the things you should know to help you and your partner choose the easiest way to get pregnant.

1. Involvement – It takes two, to Tango. Getting pregnant involves the participation of the two of you.

2. Preparation – Before getting pregnant, make sure that your bodies, you and your partner are ready. It may involve doing some lifestyle changes. Smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and medications may hamper your ovulation or weaken your partner’s sperm motility and morphology.

3. Know your body – Know the process of your reproduction. It doesn’t have to be in depth. Even a bird’s eye view will be helpful. Know when you ovulate since this is only the time you can get pregnant. Take note of the symptoms, the changes that occur when you are ovulating.

4. Time – Set side time for yourself. Let your partner do the same. However, always have time for each other. Making love should not be like a chore or an obligation. It should come naturally to both of you. You should enjoy the art of making love. Maintain intimacy.

5. Accept – Don’t put pressure on both of you. If you can’t get pregnant yet, don’t be stressed. Maintain a positive attitude. Learn to accept that it is not yet the right time for you to get pregnant. Recognize that pregnancy may come when you least expect it.

You can always use the guide but the easiest way to get pregnant is to have faith.

Think about the sperm’s persistent journey to take a claim in its prized possession. Having a baby is a precious gift and no matter how long, it is worth the entire wait.

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