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Expressing Feelings And Emotions: 3 Vital Reasons For Letting Your Feelings Out

Expressing feelings and emotions had always been regarded as a sign of weakness. Over the years, however, society has begun to realize just how messed up this belief really is.

In fact, being able to express and process emotions is actually quite beneficial to us. Happiness, anger, frustration, excitement – let these feelings out!

Read on to learn more about the advantages of expressing feelings and emotions!

1) It’s Healthy For Everybody.

Being able to let out feelings of happiness or even sadness can help you become surprisingly healthy. Scientists have long believed that what we feel can significantly influence the way our body reacts. When we feel happy, our body feels nurtured.

When we feel sad or angry, our body gets to release a bit of tension too. Expressing feelings and emotions is important as it allows us to have an outlet. What’s dangerous is keeping all the gloomy feelings to ourselves.

Holding a grudge, for example, has been known to contribute to cancer and chest pains. When you think about it, all that pent up negativity has to go somewhere. In the most unfortunate cases, the negative energy manifests into a disease.

2) It Helps You Grow.

Expressing feelings and emotions helps you grow as a person. Some feelings might not be as welcome as others, but allowing yourself to feel them makes it easier for you to comprehend what they mean.

You begin asking yourself questions that you otherwise might not have even thought to ask. In a way, it forces you to look at situations minus the rose-colored glasses and teaches you to recognize what other people are feeling as well.

3) It Frees You.

Can you imagine not being able to express your emotions at all? A lot of kids who grew up in a strict household often don’t know what it means to be free. They are mostly guarded and at times, even have to deal with repressed feelings.

Once they let go of their control, however, they feel light and free. And when a person feels this way, the world is brand new again. The drive to live increases dramatically.

Expressing feelings and emotions is indeed very important. However, it’s equally important that we learn how to do it properly. Being angry, for example, does not give you the right to trash someone’s room or be mean and hurtful to others. By channeling our emotions the right way, we’ll be able to live a meaningful life.

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