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Fear of Flying – What to Do When Flying Makes You Shiver in Fear

So you are about to board the plane. You freeze; and however you try, your body does not cooperate. No matter what you do, you cannot take those nasty plane crash landings away from your mind. You feel your hear palpitating as you sense the danger that will surely happen. Finally, you decide not to fly. What you just experienced are symptoms of aviataphobia, or fear of flying. Be assured that you are not alone – fear of flying is experienced by people worldwide.

Physiological symptoms commonly reported by people with fear of flying are trembling, muscle tension, difficulty breathing, palpitations, abdominal and intestinal problems, sweating, nausea, and dryness of the mouth. Meanwhile, psychological symptoms include memory problems, persistent fantasies about bad things happening like the plane crashing, and other negative thoughts and feelings that build up anxiety.

This fear, though, no matter how bad it looks to you right now, is highly treatable. You can try doing it yourself first before consulting a psychologist or an authority on overcoming fear of flying.

First thing you need to do is identify the root, the real reason for your fear. You can ask yourself, “What was happening in my life before I felt this fear? Did I experience any major stress or life-changing experience? Has anyone made me feel hurt or angry?” Also, ask yourself if your fear of flying may just be an excuse for you to avoid something. Maybe your fear is not the real issue. Ask as many questions as you want that you think are relevant to identifying the root of your fear.

Once you have identified your reason, it will be easier for you to address your fear. If you conclude that flying is not the issue, you can then face the real issue.

However, if you cannot identify the reason for your fear and you feel it is just getting worse, then it is time to consult a psychologist. Pick a psychologist you feel comfortable with to really help you overcome your fear of flying.

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