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Fertility Treatments: What You Should Know?

You and your partner have been having regular, enjoyable, and unprotected love making for over a year now and yet, you are not yet pregnant. Is there something wrong with you? Are you infertile?

It may define infertility but you still have to undergo some laboratory tests to confirm this. Remember that infertility tests would involve both you and your partner so make sure you talk to him about this. You have to have his full cooperation.

If you already know the root of the problem is indeed fertility, discuss fertility treatments with your specialist.

Fertility treatments are the main treatment for women who are not ovulating.

These drugs, function the same way as the hormones in our body, they regulate or induce ovulation. Induction of ovulation can lead to conception after a few months of treatment.

Aside from drugs, there are also different surgical procedures to help with ovulation and eventual conception. It is better if you ask more information from your specialist.

Tips and Warnings:

– Ask about the cost. You have to know if you can afford it.

– Know if you have allergy to any of the components of the drug you are going to take. Also, know that side effects you should expect when you are to take it. Generally, fertility drugs cause headache, nausea, and weight gain – premenstrual symptoms.

– Ask about the success rate. For fertility drugs, it helps ovulation 80% of the time.

– Complications exist with fertility treatments. Be aware.

o Multiple pregnancy

o Hyper stimulation

o Bleeding

Fertility treatments for males include general sexual problems like premature ejaculation and impotence. Medications and behavioral training address these problems. However, if the problem is the sperm count finding the cause will help with the treatment. Treatment could be either hormonal or surgical.


Natural is always the best choice. It has high success rate, less side effects, and complications. Rule is: if you can wait for a little while longer for conception then do so. If you cannot, keep in mind that you can choose from other alternatives. Do not limit yourself.

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