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Flirting Tips for Guys: 3 Hot Ways To Attracting Any Woman You Desire

While almost every man has a strategy for meeting and attracting girls, it’s still important that you keep yourself updated with new flirting tips for guys. After all, women can get bored with the same old techniques and you don’t want to use the same plan that other guys has used before, do you?

So if you want to see what else is out there, let’s start with these:

Flirting Tips for Guys # 1: Smile With An Attitude

The regular guy would probably smile to get a girl’s attention. But girls have started becoming immune to these smiles. In order to get her interested in you, you have to smile in a way that will intrigue her.

Instead of flashing the old boy-next-door smile, try smiling with a little more attitude; a little more edge. Don’t smile in a lewd way and lick your lips because that is just rude (especially on the first date or first encounter). Just give her a confident smile and wait for her to approach you next.

Flirting Tips for Guys # 2: Keep Your Voice Seductive.

Using your bedroom voice can make you a lot more attractive. The female version is a little lower, throaty and seductive. For men, the tone of voice also becomes lower albeit smoother. No “uhms” and “ahms” in this conversation.

If you’re not exactly sure how to make your voice sound more mature, listen to radio stations. Ask your female friends their favorite male radio jockeys and take note of their speech and voice tone.

Flirting Tips for Guys # 3: Humor Your Way In.

One of the essential tools for attracting women is humor. It’s tough to start a date or enter a bar without one. This is the secret weapon of most successful men. Girls just want guys who can make them laugh and feel good inside.

You don’t necessarily have to memorize jokes in your head, but at least learn to see an opportunity to say something funny or comical about yourself. Don’t crack too many jokes on her expense, because that will send your date running the opposite direction.

These are some of the updated flirting tips for guys you can try out. From here, you can work your way into any woman’s heart.

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