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Genuine Make Money Online Ways for Beginning Writers

Being a freelance writer is not just an easy job, unless one is already writing for such a long time or if one is a very prolific writer. Getting money with the use of words can be stressful and time constraining too. This challenge is even doubled if a freelance writer is not entirely jobless – like for instance, some writers would want to earn extra money for writing as a hobby, although they also have their own steady job, which makes it hard for them to balance their time for the real job they have and the freelance job. Some writers are even housewives who are working part-time online to add in defraying the household’s expenses. Although freelancing as a writer is already a job in itself, the money it generates is not that enough for starters. For beginners, finding a good website to start with or searching for the perfect strategy as a freelance writer can be quite a challenge. However, with the proper tools, guidance, and knowledge, a freelance writer aspiring to get rich online can really do so. For a start, freelance writers at the beginning of their chosen career can start browsing for these genuine make money online ways and tips that can at least help in giving them clues as to where to start.

• Tip #1: Before signing up for any site, or before agreeing to make an article, check the website’s genuineness first. Some websites exist just to scam writers, and mostly, their victims are innocent freelance writing beginners who are still clueless about the trade. So don’t get scammed, search for online resources, forums, or feedbacks about potential job sites first.

• Tip #2: For easy money, choose PPC (Pay per Click) but for more money, go with Affiliate Sales. A writer can gain money through these two choices, and these are really genuine make money online ways. If a writer writes on PPC, say, Google AdSense, the site will place advertisements on the site of the writer, then when someone clicks on the ads, the writer gets paid. On the other hand, with Affiliate Sales, the writer creates a website link on his or her article, when someone buys something from the link, then it’s another “ka-shing” for the writer. Affiliate Sales offer more payment that Pay per Click.

• Tip #3: Write sensible and popular contents. Most people would most likely visit articles that offer relevant contents and have sources that are reliable because they would want to click on a certain article and just find everything they need on it than to click on several other article links that are useless. Plus, if people find one’s articles as really informative, they tend to bookmark it and refer to it in the future.

With these certified genuine make money online tips and tricks that can kick-off any eager writer, there sure is a big chance for them to be successful online!


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