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Guide to the Best Way to Get Pregnant Fast: Keep Hopping Around!

Did you ever wonder why bunnies multiply faster than humans do? It is not because they like to hop around but because they possess a remarkable reproductive system.

Do you know that a female rabbit’s uterine system is so symmetric that it can permit maximum pregnancy?

Do you know that female rabbits have refluxing ovulation? It means that when they have sexual intercourse, they ovulate. They don’t have specific heat cycles so they are at all times…fertile…it can get pregnant the next day after giving birth.

That surely is the best way to get pregnant fast!

Ok, enough with all the rabbit crap.

Obviously, humans cannot and will not reproduce like them. You wouldn’t want to get pregnant every single day, right?

So what is the best way to get pregnant fast other than becoming a rabbit?

Read on…

One of the most common advices you will get is to have lots of sex. Some say that at least three times a week would be ideal. Others would tell you about the correct sexual position for maximal sperm motility and the list could go on and on.

What do they overlook is the basic fact about a woman’s big “O.” O-V-U-L-A-T-I-O-N. You can have sex everyday if you must but if you are not ovulating, you won’t get pregnant. Given that, daddy’s spearmen and mommy’s eggers are together (finally!) but timing is wrong. They are like two lovers who met each other at the right place but the wrong time.

Timing is the key. You can’t owe everything to chance and say, “hey, maybe we’ll get lucky this time.”

Getting pregnant involves planning. Remember, there is only a small window for fertility. Check if both of you are in your best health. Daddy’s spearmen must be as tough and indestructible as well to fight mommy’s defences against dark forces.

If there is a problem with ovulation, there are ways to aid ovulation. Natural ovulation inducers are always the best way to get pregnant fast. They don’t have side effects and they are cheaper.

If all is well, then keep hopping!

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