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Handle Your Relationship with Love and Care

It is very unusual for a couple to never have conflicts or disagreements. However, the way to solving a problem in your relationship is to understand the problem beforehand and try to prevent it from happening at all.

If you want to have a successful marriage or relationship and keep your lovelife going, you need to understand your partner from another perspective. Below is a list of the main relationship issues that many couples go through.


Whether you know it or not, the root cause of many broken relationships is simply a lack of communication. Communication with your loved one doesn’t need to be a dreaded task, sometimes just sprinkling a little bit of love on him/her is a good thing.

Maybe they have come back from a hard day?s work or a bad day even. When it is like this, only you can help take away all the pain and give your loved one the love they need and deserve. Sometimes the communication gap has been there for so long it can be difficult trying to break the ice. If you are in a situation like this, it may help to try one or more of the following suggestions:

Set a date to go out with your loved one. Ask them what suits them best, and book a table at their favorite restaurant. You could even spend time at home and just have a really healthy talk. But if you do not set a specific time and date, your special evening may never happen.

If you live together, try to limit your TV watching time. Generally, if you’re focused on watching a TV show, you’re not focused on bonding with your partner.

Turn your phones off or set them to vibrate mode so nothing interrupts the time you’re spending together.

If you have kids, you should probably wait until after you put them to bed or maybe send them over to a friend’s house or ask a relative to watch them for you.

If you think your conversation could escalate to a fight or raised voices, it may be better to choose a public location like a restaurant, where there is less chance that anyone will create a scene. That way, you can easily talk things out in a quiet manner, and that can lead to a healthy conversation.

Always make sure when your partner is talking that you let them talk without interrupting. If this happens often in your relationship then maybe it is time for you to lay some rules down and change things.

When your partner is talking and you are having a healthy discussion, do not fidget because this only shows that you are not at all interested. Your body language should show your partner that you are truly interested in what he/she is saying.

Tips to solve problems

Be truthful about everything that is going on with you. Two people want to be together because they think they can be truthful and trust one another. Be very careful about breaking your loved one’s trust because once broken it is very difficult to regain.

Sometimes money or financial issues is the main cause of conflict in your relationship. You probably share bills and expenditures with each other and something may have happened that has caused it to become a problem. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing to share your money with your partner.

Try being there for one another; love is not just about being there only in the good times, but also in the bad. Love takes away all pain, just show some love wherever necessary and your relationship will bloom like a beautiful, healthy flower.



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