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Happiness is a Choice That Anyone Can Make

Happiness is a choice, but is it really? Others see happiness when they lose pounds, land on their dream job, get plastic surgery or win the lottery. It’s called a “set point” where people base happiness on what they can physically get; but still, happiness is a choice that anyone can make.

Being contented and finding your own source of bliss is a choice we all make, although it does not really have to be that straightforward. Others call it “subjective well-being.” This is when one leads a happy life by choice, while the other, a life of despair, frustration, and misery.

A perfect example is someone who gains weight and he feels bad about his appearance. The negative feelings are created every time food is eaten; and that would eventually make him fat anyway.

The negative feelings are neither caused by somebody else, nor do they just happened by accident. These feelings were caused by the same person who chose to eat fattening foods instead of eating a healthy diet.

Happiness is a choice we make. If you can choose to eat healthy meals and exercise, you can choose to be happy and create new tools to boost your subjective well-being.

We only get what we give out. Saying good things about the person you meet on your way to work; doing helpful deeds to someone you come in contact with; expressing appreciation for what others did for you; patting yourself at the back when you think you’ve made a difference on someone else’s life – these are just some of the positive actions you can do to feel better all day.

The positive thoughts, behaviors and actions we do, come back to us in many ways. Happiness is a choice that comes from feelings or emotions, and not from the material things we thought could make us happy. Choose to be happy by doing things that will change your behavior into something that will make you feel better about your existence.

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