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How Can I Make Her Love Me Again?

Believe it or not, most women don’t leave their men because they’ve stopped loving them. They don’t pull away because you’re not attractive to her anymore. Most of the time, it’s not usually anything you’ve done that’s pushed her away. Believe it or not, there’s an old country song that has it right? for the most part. It’s not what you did. It’s all those things you didn’t do.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s all your fault!

I’m a firm believer that it takes two to tango. She never spoke up and told you what she needed from you. But, really, how often do you tell her what you need her to do for you?

While the song may be a few decades old by now, there is wisdom in those old lyrics. If you’re trying to make your relationship work and put a little bit of the love back in it, then you need to remember all the things he forgot.

 Tell Her You Love Her

Don’t take it for granted that she knows. Tell her. Show her. Shout it out from the rooftops, but make sure she knows, without a doubt, that you only have eyes for her.

 Listen to What She has to Say

This one is hard. Men and women often live in different worlds when it comes to language. She starts talking and sometimes your eyes just glaze over with this faraway look. She notices this and it hurts. You’re going to have to really listen, like the man in the Klondike commercial. It will impress her and make her feel like she really is important to you.

 Make Time for Her

But don’t make her feel like it’s a sacrifice. You really should want to do things together once in a great while. Weekly date nights are a small thing, but when done right, they can mean so much for the romance and love in your relationship. It’s one night a week that lets her know she’s still the woman you love.

 Let Her Know She Still Rocks Your World

Tell her how beautiful she is. No matter how many times she dismisses it, she secretly loves to hear you say it. She wants to know that she still turns you on and that you’re not turning to her because she’s available. She wants to know that your fires are still burning bright for her just as much as you want to know that she still digs you too.

You don’t have to go to charm school. You don’t have to step outside of your league, get a second job, or lose 100 pounds to get her to love you again. All you really need to do is let her know that you’re still the man she fell for so long ago.


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