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How to Attract a Girl – Foolproof Ways to Attract Your Dream Girl

Attracting a girl looks so easy in the feel-good movies – boy meets girl, and the attraction is instant. But in reality, you have to know how to attract a girl and act accordingly before you can really draw her to your attention. Use these proven tips on how to attract a girl and watch her return your interest.

Think attractive. How would you attract that gorgeous woman if you don’t think you are attractive? Appreciate your looks and your body as they are now. If you feel attractive, a girl would most likely pick up on this; but if you feel ugly, she will also sense this.

Of course, this does not mean that you do not have to improve yourself physically if you find you can still lose some weight or work out for physical fitness. However, feeling attractive as you are now will help you draw women in.

Confidence is key. A confident man is very appealing to women. And it does not have to be a “loud” kind of confidence. A man who exudes quiet confidence in things he does is far more attractive than a man who boasts of his accomplishments. In fact, a man who boasts may actually have an underlying sense of insecurity, and thus, is not confident at all. This is definitely not how to attract a girl.

So, when you talk to a girl, exude confidence. If you have to talk about your accomplishments, mention them only briefly and lightly, in the context of a personal story.

Chivalry still wins! Even in this age of equality of the sexes, being a gentleman is still in, but recognize that you’re doing so not because women are inferior, but because you respect and cherish them. Open doors, pull chairs for a girl, and let her feel you respect her.

Be captivated. When you’re talking to her, show that you’re interested in every word she says. Make eye contact. Lean forward. Nod at appropriate moments. Do not check out other people, especially other women, while talking to her. Give her your full attention.

Give sincere compliments. A girl likes being appreciated. Find something you really like about her (it may be what attracted you to her in the first place) and compliment her on it. The more specific the compliment is, the better.

Never, ever give fake compliments. The girl will eventually see through you if you do. And besides, if you like her, why would you need to fake a compliment?

Make her laugh. A good sense of humor is one of the best assets a man can have in attracting a girl. Laughter can bring instant connection in a conversation. In addition, the girl will most likely be sure to remember you. Recall any previous experience when another person made you laugh and feel good, then apply that experience to the girl you’re attracted to.

Sometimes, you don’t exactly need to make her laugh, but keep the conversation light and fun.

Follow these tips on how to attract a girl and you’ll find that dating has never been fun – and easier!

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