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How to Be a Persuasive Salesperson

If you’re in the business world, perhaps the most challenging part of the entire experience is selling. Indeed, nothing is more nail-biting than waiting for the other party to decide whether he or she agrees with you on the merits of a certain product or not.

You will likely go through countless books and spend long hours of research on topics like negotiation training, business plans and strategies, resource management and obviously, selling. But one of the most important tools a salesperson should possess, in order to be successful in selling, is persuasion.

First, the attitude of persuasion comes from within. You have to believe and convince yourself that you can sell, and sell a lot!

You have to orient and tell yourself that you have the capacity to offer a product or service to someone else; have him need what you’re offering.

If you cannot develop that sense of persuasion in yourself, then it would be very difficult to become a persuasive salesperson. Develop the attitude and belief of being a persuasive salesperson even to the least of things. How? Persuade yourself first.

Two, you cannot sell something you do not know anything about. You can have a hundred stocks of the best and latest necessity known to man; but without knowing a thing about it, you would not be able to sell a single item. So to be a persuasive salesperson, you have to know the details. Research and study. You have to know the most intricate details of what you’re selling because people are going to be asking a lot questions about it.

Even if you’re simply trying to be a persuasive food salesperson, you have to know what you’re offering. Vegans, vegetarians, ornish, and pritikin consumers are going to be asking; and you are the only one who can respond. You wouldn’t want to buy from someone who himself is doubtful over what he’s selling. If you can’t respond, then you can’t sell. You can’t sell what you know nothing about.

Finally, there’s confidence. Now that you’re equipped with the attitude and knowledge on how to be a persuasive salesperson, you can try overcoming that fear inside you to come up to that person and persuade him that he needs what you have. It’s that same fear that separates the common salesperson from the successful ones.

This is the time you should begin asking yourself the “What-Ifs”. “What if he ignores me?” “What if he’s in a hurry?” “What if he doesn’t need it?” These are the questions frequently asked by those who don’t have the other two qualities on how to be a persuasive salesperson. If you know you can sell and you know what you’re selling, confidence will materialize independently. Then you can casually come up to anyone qualified and sell successfully.

The power of persuasion is an indispensable tool and you should hone your skills within these three principles. Keep them to heart and before you know it, you’ll be earning more figures than you can ever expect.

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