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How To Be More Outgoing and Confident In 5 Simple Steps

Want to know how to be more outgoing and confident? Then this article is for you. We all know that shyness is a crutch. It’s frustrating and debilitating. It makes you pass up or miss out on opportunities that would have otherwise helped you grow and improve.

In other words, shyness doesn’t help you. And you don’t necessarily have to suffer its consequences. Overcome shyness with these simple steps on how to be more outgoing and confident.

Step 1: Change Your Body Language.

It says a lot. Looking down on the ground, not meeting other people’s eyes, slouching, slumping your shoulders and putting your hands in your pockets – these don’t really communicate confidence.

Instead, practice making eye contact, speaking clearly, gesturing openly with your hands and standing straight.

Step 2: Act Like You’re Not Shy.

You’ve probably heard of the saying, “Fake it till you make it.” As strange as it sounds, it is a very good piece of advice.

When you feel awkward inside, keep calm and collected outside. Act as if you’re confident until you eventually find that confidence. It also helps to imagine different scenarios and practice what you might say or do, so you can be better prepared.

Friends can also help you to learn how to be more outgoing and confident. They can help you practice and make you feel better.

Step 3: Be Your Best.

This is one way to instantly build your confidence. The more you feel good about yourself, the more likely it is that people will see you the same way.

Want to know how to be more outgoing and confident in no time? Dress sharply, practice good posture and walk with purpose. Be polite and always offer to help. Listen and let others talk, but speak up when you have to.

Step 4: Be Optimistic.

Having a negative outlook on your situation, or the people around you, will do nothing for your self-esteem. Let all this go and watch your spirits rise along with your self-worth and confidence.

Step 5: Learn From Others.

Observe extroverts who are the epitome of confidence and social success. How do you think they do it? How do they speak, act or relate to other people?

Take mental notes of these and emulate them. This doesn’t mean that you will speak or act exactly the same as another person (unless it fits you and appropriate in certain situations). This is to give you an idea and a guide to help you find your own brand of confidence.

Remember that your potential is limitless. Learning how to be more outgoing and confident doesn’t just help you overcome your shyness. It also helps you make the most of your abilities to help you succeed and be the best you can be.
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