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How To Change The Belief Of A Person In 3 Simple Steps

A belief is a strongly anchored perception that has roots so deep, it’s not easy to learn how to change the belief of a person at all. But as they say, nothing is impossible; and although it is challenging, there are ways to bring about that change.

Read on to find out how to change the belief of a person.

Step 1: Understand Their Beliefs.

The first thing you need to do is understand their beliefs. Don’t just rely on observation and assumption. Most likely, your assumption will be slightly off the mark if not completely wrong.

Here’s an example. Let’s say that your friend Bill doesn’t like going to the beach. You might think that he just hates the sand and the surf because he’s a man of convenience, and so you go about enumerating the many wonderful benefits of a seaside vacation.

But what if he doesn’t like the beach because of an entirely different reason? What if it turns out that Bill actually believes that he might get into an accident because he doesn’t know how to swim?

Not knowing this, you end up turning Bill further off to the idea of a seaside vacation. If you go about trying to change the belief of anyone without even ascertaining the said person’s actual belief, then you’re not going anywhere.

Step 2: Present Solid Evidence.

The second step to change the belief of a person is to present real and hardcore evidence supporting your cause. The weight of your evidence should more or less sway the decision in your favor.

For example, now that you know where Bill’s fear of the sea stems from, then you can go about collecting evidence to show him just how inconsequential his belief of drowning is.

You can show him how to use a life vest and demonstrate how it is designed to keep anyone afloat. You can tell him how many people who don’t know how to swim still go to the beach. Persuasion and evidence – it’s a strong combination.

Step 3: Surround Yourself with Allies.

Sometimes, your word is not enough to change the belief of a person. In that case, you need to find someone who can back you up. That someone can either be an expert on the subject or someone the person trusts.

For Bill, you can get a lifeguard to explain that he has nothing to worry about. You can also get someone who Bill trusts (like a family member) to back you up.

Learning how to change the belief of a person is tricky, but possible. As long as you properly identify a person’s beliefs, present helpful evidence and use a trusted third party, there’s no end to what you can do.

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