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How To Deal With Bad Neighbors Without Blowing Your Top Off

The same way that none of us can choose whom we live with, we also can’t choose who we live next to. Whether we like it or not, there is no one solution on how to deal with bad neighbors. We might not even know it, but the feeling could be mutual.

Want to know how to deal with bad neighbors without resorting to violence and name-calling?

Adopt a Zen attitude. This is easier said than done, especially if the ruckus and the litter are chronic. More often, you become tempted to just grab a can of gas and burn your neighbor’s house down after your ten instances of marching up their front porch and giving them a well-worded, neighborly speech seemed to have fallen on deaf ears.

Before you turn into a criminal, remember that the art of neighborhood battle lies in sophistication and a little cunning. Let the authorities deal with the problem and file a report. If the “bad neighbor” complaint resembles a Desperate Housewives episode, then perhaps your best defense is to stay chipper and unaffected. You have your own home to run, after all.

Of course, there’s no better way than to attempt a sit-down and talk the problem over with your neighbor. The methods on how to deal with bad neighbors work best when delivered calmly and with a clear head. War may have worked for countries before; but since you live in a small community, violence is never really an option.

Finally, if your educated actions still don’t gain a positive response from your neighbor, then maybe acceptance is your ticket to sanity. Remember, though, that acceptance is not the same as tolerance — you can still keep reminding them of their ill actions, but accept that there are different strokes for different folks.

You’re in a community, not a colony; so you really can’t expect uniformity. How to deal with bad neighbors? Keep a professional attitude and don’t forget to smile.

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