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How To Deal With Difficult People – Convert Difficult People to Friends

Have you ever met people who criticize or blame you, even for the smallest reasons? They’re the ones who always find faults in whatever you do, but never acknowledges any good deeds you’ve done. If you’ve ever wanted to know how to deal with difficult people, then this article will prove to be priceless.

To know how to deal with difficult people, you must understand their behavior. They have big egos that need to be satisfied; and they hate it when they get humiliated. So even if you’re tempted, never do things that will damage their self-esteem.

Here’s how to deal with difficult people who like to play the “blame” game. If they blame you, never retaliate; simply admit your mistake. Be humble. Being defensive would only make your assailant more aggressive in taunting you.

Tell them you’re sorry. But saying “sorry” is not enough. Tell them exactly what you’re sorry for, and what exactly you’re going to do in the future to avoid committing the same error.

For example, say:

“I’m sorry for being late at the meeting. Next time, I’ll schedule ahead of time to make sure that I’ll never be delayed.”

Now here’s how to deal with difficult people if they continue to blame you. Tell them subtly that their actions will never improve the situation; it will only make matters worse because of the wasted time and energy. Then propose to come up with a solution that will solve the current problem.

Say something like:

“I know that my tardiness has caused us to lose big money in this project, and I’m really sorry. We’re only making things worse if we focus on the consequences of what happened. Tell you what…I’ll do my best to resolve this concern and ensure it will never happen again.”

If you can quickly think of a solution, let them know about it immediately so they’ll realize how serious you are in improving the situation. If you can’t come up with a solution, at least make them aware that you did your best.

Learning how to deal with difficult people doesn’t take rocket science. Just say sorry, then tell them what you’re sorry for and your proposed action to avoid the same mistake from being made again. If they go on blaming, make them realize that their action will only make matters worse. Then exert all efforts to think of an ideal solution to ease the current situation. By applying these steps, converting difficult people to friends is as easy as pie.

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