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How To Deal With Narcissistic People In 5 Easy Steps

To learn how to deal with narcissistic people, you must first understand that as self-centered as they are, that doesn’t necessarily mean they are selfish. They may just be viewing things from their own perspective and cannot put themselves in other people’s shoes.

Read on to learn how to deal with narcissistic people.

Step 1: Avoid Them.

These individuals cannot see things the way you do; so if you disagree with them, you simply don’t exist to them. That is one of the main problems that victims try to solve, and avoiding the narcissist is the best way to solve it.

Step 2: Don’t Try To Get Them Help.

The very nature of narcissists makes it almost impossible to change them, even with an expert therapist. If you try to change them yourself, it will all be for nothing as they will, in turn, manipulate you and make it look like it’s your fault and not theirs.

Step 3: Never Feel Guilty.

To learn how to deal with narcissistic people, realize first that they will often blame you or others for not doing things right.

Remember that their views are just for themselves; and they will not recognize any other reasons, excuses or explanations as to why you are not able to meet their expectations.

In other words, they want to make you feel bad for what you haven’t done for them. To counter this, simply ignore all opinions that they say and you should decide for yourself if you have done good or not.

Step 4: Know Yourself.

Narcissists will not waste a second complimenting you and your work. If you happen to be stuck with a boss who is a complete narcissist, then you need to be secure enough in your own skills and capabilities so as not to be undermined by your boss.

Know yourself and have confidence so that others will see you in the same light.

Step 5: Try Therapy.

Sometimes, when you are being abused too much by a narcissistic person, be it physically or emotionally, it might be best to talk about your problems with a professional.

Such expert will probably have encountered the problem many times before and can help you out with good advice.

These are the crucial steps on how to deal with narcissistic people. It’s important to remember that these individuals are the ones with a problem (not you), so don’t give in to what they want. Follow the steps, and be assured that your problems with them will fade away in time.

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