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How To Get Someone To Like You: 3 Remarkable Tips To Become More Likeable

If you want to learn how to get someone to like you, then you have chosen no better time to be curious. There’s no time like the present to learn techniques which can help you advance in life.

Whether it’s in the boardroom, in warfare or in personal relationships, you need to learn how to get someone to like you. There are numerous techniques you can use depending on the kind of situation you are in. In this article, you will learn some very simple yet powerful techniques that will help you get what you want. If you’re prepared to see the world in a whole new light as well, read on!

1) Make People Happy.

Making people happy is the easiest route to getting someone to like you and getting that same person to listen to you. Need to pitch an idea in the boardroom? Making your office mates and your boss happy on a daily basis will ensure that your idea gets their thumbs up.

As simple as making people happy sounds, it’s not something you can achieve in a day (although for some lighter goals, a day is enough). If you really want to learn how to get someone to like you, you have to cultivate your relationship with that person over time.

2) Become A Happy Pill.

If you have a project you want to pitch to your boss or to a member of the board, you need to be their happy pill. I’m not telling you to be a suck up. That just might get you on the guy’s hit list.

Simply be pleasant company. You don’t have to get your boss coffee everyday to do that. If he needs a respite from work, don’t be the one to bring up problems. Instead, be someone who can improve his mood drastically.

I’m sharing with you great tips on how to get someone to like you in the workplace so make sure you’re taking down notes.

Next, never be the bearer of bad news. As much as possible, get someone else to deliver it. Why? Because taking one for the team will hurt you in the long run. Your boss might forever associate you as the person who brought about the bad news.

3) Use Proper Timing.

The process of becoming someone’s happy pill is very important. Don’t overdo it. The more subtle you are in your techniques, the more effective they will become. In time, he’ll come to see you as someone who can do no wrong. And when the time is right, you can go ahead and pitch your idea. Your boss will then see it as a good suggestion and will do what he can to ensure it goes forward.

Learning how to get someone to like you takes confidence out of the person who wishes to wield its techniques. If you’re not certain about your own skills, then that is bound to reflect your results.

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