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How To Get The Truth Out Of Someone: 3 Amazing Ways To Persuade Anyone To Tell The Truth

If you want to know how to get the truth out of someone, there are a few tricks you can learn here. Of course, most of these have psychological bases. There is no need to resort to violence when you can easily extract truthful information in less demanding ways.

This article will teach you simple ways on how to get the truth out of someone. Read on to find out more!

1) Use The “Good Cop, Bad Cop” Tactic.

This is one of the most popular truth extraction strategies in the world. Policemen have been using it for decades. So how does good cop, bad cop work exactly? Simple.

Two of you will interrogate, so to speak, the person under scrutiny. One of you will play the good cop while the other one will take on the role of the bad cop. The good cop tells the target that they are in good hands, that they can get out of the sticky situation if only they told the truth. And then the bad cop comes in to scare the person into submitting.

In this sort of situation, the good cop usually gets the confession. The good cop gives the person some reassurance that all will be well in the end. The bad cop is merely a decoration.

2) Look Them In The Eye.

Another tactic you can use on how to get the truth out of someone is the “look me straight in the eye” strategy. This is very effective when used on people you are close to or on people who are very close to you. Chances are, the person who you consider to be a friend or part of the family, will feel guilty for lying or hiding something from you.

Ask them to look you straight in the eye when you demand an answer. Or you can look them straight n the eye yourself. When the person in question can’t even meet your gaze, something is up. It won’t take a lot of persuading to get that person to spill the beans.

3) Make Peace Relations.

Telling a person that you don’t want any trouble or that you won’t cause any problems is another way on how to get the truth out of someone. Usually, people lie or hide the truth because they’re afraid of what our reaction will be. If you reassure them that you won’t get angry or won’t “punish” them, they’ll be more likely to open up to you.

Knowing how to get the truth out of someone is very important. However, be mindful of who you use it on and when you use it. Don’t let this power sway you over to the dark side. Use this knowledge only when necessary and not as a way to make someone a complete laughingstock.

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