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How To Handle Criticism In The Workplace: 3 Ways To Overcome Criticism At Work

It’s one thing to hear criticism from your mother at home; and another thing to hear it from the people you work with. So want to know how to handle criticism in the workplace?

Criticism, as you know, isn’t the same as bashing. It is not something to be used personally against you. It is not something meant to demean you or your job. If you want to learn how to handle criticism in the workplace, read on.

1) Take It In Stride.

As much as possible, try not to get your emotions tangled up in a crazy web. Emotions have no place in the workplace. When someone gives you a criticism, don’t think that that person is acting out a vendetta against you.

You’re not in a day-time soap opera. You’re in the professional arena where the quality of your work is regularly monitored. Criticism is normal. You get it. Others get it as well. The best thing to do would be to keep your emotions out and kick in your drive to succeed.

2) Improve Yourself.

The best way on how to handle criticism in the workplace is to be in career-mode. Now that you’re thinking as a professional, you can easily dissect the criticism more properly.

What is it about? Is there any truth to it? How can you improve yourself? If someone tells you that your desk is too disorganized, why don’t you go about cleaning it up right away? If someone tells you that you work too slow, see what you can do to speed things up (without sacrificing quality, of course).

Remember that criticisms aren’t meant to bring you down, they’re meant to help you become a better person. It’s a bitter pill to swallow, surely, but one that will help you get better in the long run.

3) Be Thankful.

After you’ve taken said criticism into consideration, the next thing on the list is to be grateful. Why? Well, because someone cared enough to let you know where you’re going wrong or what you need to work on.

Even if that person doesn’t really see it that way, you at least were given an opportunity to evolve. It might sound crazy to learn how to handle criticism in the workplace with gratitude; but this actually puts you in the right frame of mind. By being thankful, you’re no longer prone to anger and frustration.

Learning how to handle criticism in the workplace is valuable to anyone who wants to establish good relationships with their co-workers. You can’t just blow up every time somebody says something to you or about you. Be strong enough to take criticism in stride, use it to improve yourself, and be thankful.

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