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How To Influence Others: 3 Proven Ways To Influence People

Influencing others and having a “driving force” can help you achieve whatever goals you may have. Whether you want to improve your business, career or relationships, this article will teach you how to influence others so you can attain your desires faster.

Tip # 1 On How To Influence Others: Assume Leadership Roles

When taking a leadership role, just think about how the ideal leader is. Well of course, people would think of them as the heads of a pack or the more famous people in a group, but there is something present in a leader that is not present in most of its members – influence. They know, or people have the perception of them knowing, how to influence others.

Taking a leadership role can be as simple as communicating more effectively with the other party, helping you attain better outcomes. This will make them trust you and rely on you more for different types of pursuits.

Not only will you feel more motivated from such action, your folks will be happier and even more open towards you.

Tip # 2 On How To Influence Others: Smile Genuinely.

Part of good influence is to show care and appreciation towards another person. This can help you become more appreciated and form stronger relationships.

And what better way to do that than smile! A smile brings about positive feelings; it is a gesture of immediate acceptance and well being when done with good intentions. People often feel safe and open to communicate when you smile at them.

But do you really take the initiative to smile? Do you smile in the morning to your partner upon waking up, or to your co-workers at the job upon arriving? Smiling gives you a good start to bond and connect. And you know what? You also feel better when you give a genuine smile to someone.

Tip # 3 On How To Influence Others: Help Others Unconditionally.

Helping people unconditionally is another effective way to influence people. The law of reciprocity states that people would be more willing to give back if you did an initial favor for them.

But to make this effective, don’t ask for a return favor immediately after you’ve given one. People would think that you’re doing the favor because you want something from them, and not because you really like to help. People would return the favor in due time; but if you do want to ask a favor in return, just allow enough time to pass between giving a favor and asking for one.

Take note that the seemingly smallest factors on how to influence others could be a major aspect. A simple pat on the back or words such as “good job” would be more than enough to influence and make the person who needs it feel much better.

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