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How To Live The Secret And Attract The Life Of Your Dreams

When someone asks me how to live The Secret, I’m usually taken aback, though it’s not for the reasons you might think.

Ever since The Secret came out, I have immersed myself into practicing it day in and day out that it feels like second nature to me. It’s like asking me how I can walk or how I can breathe.

However, I now realize that learning how to live The Secret can be quite foreign to others, so I have decided to dedicate an article sharing how I apply it to my everyday life.

1) Setting The Mood Of The Day.

The first thing I do upon waking up is to take a deep breath and visualize a wonderful day ahead. Whether I wake up to a sunny day or to a storm battering down my door, I consciously recognize the day to be one filled with numerous opportunities.

The Secret reminds us that we are responsible for what happens to us. Our thoughts have the power to map out how our day will turn out to be.

2) Attracting Parking Spaces.

A great way to live The Secret is by practicing the law of attraction as much as you can. I do it all the time. Aside from sending out positive vibrations to the universe for a great day, I also use The Secret to attract parking spaces when going to places that usually have full parking.

At first, I didn’t exactly have instant success; but the more I practiced, the higher my success rate became. Of course, parking spaces are just one of the things you can attract.

You can also try your hand at attracting good business deals and networking opportunities. At one point, I even managed to get a total stranger to approach me at a bookstore!

3) Irritant Diffuser.

Learning how to live The Secret has also done wonders for the way I handle everyday annoying situations.

Whenever I feel myself bristling because of something an acquaintance or family member did, I immediately cut that negative emotion short and actively veer my thoughts towards something more positive.

By thinking happy thoughts, I have fewer and fewer reasons to complain; and life, in general, becomes sweeter.

Learning how to live The Secret everyday is not difficult at all. In fact, the whole point of living The Secret is to make life easier for everyone! When you stop thinking that life is unfair and that you’d need to face a million challenges to achieve your dreams, then that is when life becomes easier for you.

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