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How To Make A Guy Want You Bad In 5 Simple Steps

Do you want to know how to make a guy want you bad? No problem! Despite how difficult it may seem at first, getting his attention is not all that hard. Just stick with me and you’ll bag any man you want soon.

To get you started, here are 5 simple steps on how to make a guy want you bad.

Step 1: Show Only Hints Of Skin.

Have you ever heard of the saying, “If you’ve got it, flaunt it?” In this case, it’s okay to flaunt off your curves, but just take care not to reveal too much skin.

A hint here and there will make a man want you bad, but showing everything all at once might give him a different impression altogether.

Step 2: Perfect Your Posture.

Standing or sitting up a little straighter will do wonders for the way guys see you. If you’re normally slouching down or keeping your face covered, now is the time for you to get noticed.

A straighter back makes you look taller, more poised and definitely someone who warrants a second look.

Step 3: Know Your Strengths.

Playing up your strengths is an effective way on how to make a guy want you bad. Is dancing your strong suit? Don’t be shy to show off your skills on your next office party. Are you a great singer? Well, don’t be afraid to suggest karaoke night next Friday.

Men know and appreciate talent, so show off whatever skill you have and wait for the tongues to start wagging.

Step 4: Have A Sense Of Humor.

Guys love girls who have a great sense of humor. More importantly, they love women who laugh at their jokes. They can be corny, sure, but you have to admit that even corny can be pretty funny. Cracking a joke or two of your own will also earn you points for sure.

Step 5: Be A Sexy Librarian.

It may sound atrocious; but if you want to know how to make a guy want you bad, then you’ve got to play your cards right. In this case, the sexy librarian is a dream come true for many guys.

Intellectual but dangerously sexy – that should be your mantra. Don’t dumb yourself down for the man you like.

These are just some of the steps on how to make a guy want you bad. Inject your own brand of personality into them and hopefully, you’ll meet the right man to test them out on.

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