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How to Negotiate Prices With Any Seller, and Get the Lowest Prices Possible!

One of the best things about shopping in flea markets and stalls is that you can actually haggle with the sellers. There is no fixed price for an item. You can either get twenty bucks more or twenty bucks less for a cool shirt. As long as you know how to negotiate prices, you’ll be able to make the most of your hard-earned money.

The question is, how exactly do you go about doing that? Well, don’t worry too much. Learning how to negotiate prices is not hard. It only takes a bit of confidence and charm to win vendors over.

Lower Your Price.

Never give away how much you’re actually willing to pay. Haggle with a price that is actually much smaller and lesser than what you would willingly pay the product for. If something costs a hundred bucks, say you’ll buy it for only thirty. In return, the vendor will haggle back and give you seventy. You make your bid again-something higher than thirty but lower than seventy. Continue exchanging values until you meet halfway.

Don’t Be Too Overeager.

Vendors know how to read their customers. If you look like you really want that bag, the seller knows you’ll be buying it no matter what the price. People who know how to negotiate prices are very aware of this rule. It has to be the vendor who’s desperate to sell, and not you desperate to buy.

Check Out Other Stalls First.

You might want to see just how much the other vendors are selling a particular product for. That way, you’ll have a good idea of how much something really costs.

Knowing how to negotiate prices entails knowing what the cheapest selling price is. That way, if vendor A refuses to budge, you can say that “Hey, vendor B is only selling this for x much amount of money.” This one line is almost certain to lower the price.

By applying all these tricks, you’ll learn how to negotiate prices wisely and even have fun doing it. Haggling is a terrific exercise for improving your conversational and persuasion skills.

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