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How To Persuade Someone to Hire You In 3 Simple Steps

Every applicant today faces a challenge. With such stiff competition, having a wonderful resume is not enough. Your interview also has to go smoothly as well. In short, you have to know how to persuade someone to hire you.

Getting people to see that you’re the one for their company is not just a one step thing. There are a lot of factors you can use to cinch the job. If you want to know how to persuade someone to hire you, read on!

Step 1: Look your best.

Let’s face it. Your appearance has a lot to do with whether you get the job or not. I’m not saying you have to look like a Hollywood superstar to get a simple job. I’m just saying that you need to take your looks into consideration.

When going for an interview, you must dress for success. Go for semi-formal clothes with a slight tasteful twist. Keep your hair organized. If your hair is long, tie it. If you have an unruly beard, shave it off or at least keep it looking decent. You should smell good and look neat. Shoes should be shined and fingernails kept clean.

You might not think your interviewers bother with the small details, but believe me when I say that everything about you is under careful observation.

Step 2: Be prepared and confident.

If you’re not used to interviews, don’t be embarrassed to practice the question and answer at home. If you want to learn how to persuade someone to hire you, you must treat the interview just like a conversation with a friend.

Confidence never fails to impress. When the interviewer shakes your hand, keep your grip firm, but not so much that you crack a bone.

Keep your head at eye level. Never too high, never too low either. Don’t forget to smile since that will help alleviate some of the nervousness.

When you speak, your voice must not crack. It should be loud and clear enough to be heard, but not too loud that it annoys your interviewer.

Step 3: Show interest in their company.

If you want to learn how to persuade someone to hire you, you have to show them that you’re really interested in their company. This is different from begging in desperation.

Never ever say, “Please hire me” because that sends out the message that nobody else has hired you. Showing interest in the company means knowing how the business works and how you can contribute to the company’s mission. Don’t sound like another applicant who’s just in it for the pay.

With these tips, I’m confident you’ll learn how to persuade someone to hire you in no time.

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