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How To Say No Nicely: 3 Easy Tips To Say No Without Offending Anyone

It can be quite difficult to turn someone down, especially a persistent person. It’s even more of a challenge to learn how to say no nicely.

After all, if that guy has been bothering you for ages, don’t you just want to scream “no!” at him and pour a glass of juice over his head? Or if your brother-in-law keeps on asking you for money, it can be quite a struggle not to slam the door in his face.

When faced with frustrating situations like these, why on earth, you wonder, would people want to learn how to say no nicely?

Well, for starters, getting angry never solves anything. It only puts you at a disadvantage and displays your weakness for all the world to see. Second, there are some people (admit it), who we don’t want to hurt by refusing them. That also puts you in an awkward position.

You have the right to say no and the ability to do it nicely. Read on to find out more.

Tip # 1: Say No and Smile.

Learning how to say no nicely doesn’t always have to be difficult. For example, if your best friend wants to borrow your shoes for a date tonight and you know that she won’t likely take good care of it, say “no” to her with a smile.

Be sure and confident with your “no” so that she won’t be able to push you to give in to her request. Saying no with a smile is one way of ending the conversation on your terms.

Tip # 2: Say No and Redirect.

Another way on how to say no nicely is by redirecting the person to somebody who can also fulfill their request. For example, if your grandmother wants you to take her to a nice dinner, you can always say “no” then tell her that you can get your brother or your sister to accompany her instead. As long as she still gets what she wants in the end, you’re in the clear.

Tip # 3: Say No and Give Encouragement.

Here’s another scenario that might be familiar to those who have little brothers or sisters. Say your little brother wants you to help him do a project. If you really can’t help him out, say, “I’m afraid I can’t help you right now, but I know and I believe that you can do a real good job of it by yourself.” Give people that encouragement they need to do things on their own.

Learning how to say no nicely is a strategic move. Hope these 3 tips help keep your life peaceful and out of trouble.

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