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How To Take Criticism Better In 3 Simple Steps

We’d all like to learn how to take criticism better. But it’s just a little too difficult to think sometimes, especially when you’re placed on the hot seat. It’s all you can do to keep from defending your work and lashing out.

Don’t worry though; that is a perfectly normal reaction. You can learn how to take criticism better than that. Read this article and find out how.

Step # 1: Brace Yourself.

So you really want to know how to take criticism better? As simple as it may seem, you just need to prepare for it, and even be willing to accept it.

Don’t go into the office thinking that you’re going to be singled out as the only one who do things right. Most likely, your boss will chew you out on the things that he or she thinks went wrong.

Before going into the office, tell yourself that you’ll be ready for whatever your boss hurls at you. Knowing what awaits you makes the situation more bearable.

Step # 2: Focus On What You Need to Improve.

If you want to learn how to take criticism better, I suggest you concentrate on what needs improvement instead.

If your boss, for example, tells you that your report is difficult to understand, look over your work and see which parts he or she is talking about. Ask your boss what you can do to make things better. It’s a sign that you’re willing to correct your mistakes and that you’re committed to doing your job well.

Step # 3: Keep Negative Thoughts Away.

The final step on how to take criticism better is to keep negative thoughts at bay. Although it’s easy to feel offended or inferior when someone says bad things about us or our work, we should learn not to take said comments personally.

Dwelling on negative reactions will only make us suffer even more. Worse, it shows on our face and is reflected on our performance.

Think of the people you admire at work or even on television. All of them have had to deal with criticism at one point or another. But do you see them whining about it? No. Instead, they work harder at their craft, enabling them to become the person they are now.

Learning how to take criticism better is extremely crucial if we want to improve ourselves. Everyday is a learning process. Someone once said that we don’t learn anything from success, but we learn everything from failure. The next time somebody criticizes your work, don’t take it personally. Instead, see it as an opportunity to grow and improve yourself.

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