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How To Tell If A Friend Is A True Friend: 3 Ways To Find Out

Want to know how to tell if a friend is a true friend? I don’t blame you if you feel a twinge of doubt in your friendship.

We’ve all had that experience – the one where we share parts of ourselves with a person who we think is a true friend, only to be betrayed by said person before we could even turn our backs.

It only makes sense that we protect ourselves from falling for the same trap over and over again. So what are the effective ways on how to tell if a friend is a true friend? Read on to find out.

1) Money, money, money.

There are times when friends borrow money from us. Five bucks, ten bucks, perhaps even a hundred bucks or more. This is perfectly fine, especially if our friends are really in financial distress and we’re in the position to help.

However, there are also times when our so-called friends seem to forget paying us back altogether! That’s different and one of the more glaring signs that the relationship may not be as true as we think.

Real friends would be embarrassed to borrow huge sums of money from us and would always pay us back within a reasonable time.

If you have a friend who keeps on asking you for cash, doesn’t ever seem to pay you back and spends the money on frivolous things, then you probably ought to rethink whether that person is worth keeping or not.

2) For better or for worse.

Here’s how to tell if a friend is a true friend. A true buddy is there for you, even when your life becomes less like a party and more like a tragedy.

In fact, friendship is a lot like marriage. There is an unspoken and unwritten vow between friends that thou shall be there for one another for better or for worse.

If you have a friend who disappears whenever you need a shoulder to lean on, then perhaps it’s time to move on. Obviously, there’s nothing more you can expect from the relationship.

3) A second opinion.

If you want to know how to tell if a friend is a true friend, then seek second opinion. Sometimes, we fail to see a person’s personality for what it really is. In this case, other people will probably have an easier time telling you how things really are.

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