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Limiting Beliefs About Money: 3 Harmful Beliefs That Are Losing You Money

Limiting beliefs about money have been circulating in society for many years now. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, wouldn’t you want to break free from these constricting views?

After all, they’re not doing you any good. In fact, they’re only preventing you from having and enjoying as much wealth as you like! These limiting beliefs about money have got to stop.

Read on to find out just what they are, so you can make changes if you have them.

Limiting Belief # 1: “I must work hard in order to earn a lot.”

Nobody ever moves forward by being lazy. However, it also doesn’t mean that not working hard can’t land you a solid income. There are times when working smart works better in your favor than pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion.

Think about it. Say you work as a writer. If you want, you can work several hours a day writing as much as you can to fulfill your clients’ orders. But if you can find other reliable writers and delegate the tasks to them (while still getting a cut of the earnings), you minimize the time and energy you have to spend. It could even earn you more money since you’ll be able to focus on simply marketing your services and attracting more clients.

Limiting Belief # 2: “I’ll never be able to afford that.”

Limiting beliefs about money can seriously cripple your ability to have a good life. If you live on the philosophy that you’ll never be able to afford that luxury car or that designer bag, you never will.

This kind of attitude is quite common in society. People are actually the ones responsible for holding themselves back. Admit it. You’ve probably told yourself that you’ll never be able to afford something more than once in your life.

Well, the time has come to quit this belief. Tell yourself that you CAN afford that car. You CAN buy that designer bag. Simply saying it out loud opens up whole new doors for you.

Limiting Belief # 3: “It will take me years to save that kind of money.”

One of the most common limiting beliefs about money is the time you need to be able to acquire a certain amount of cash. Instead of constantly delaying your success, why not do all you can to speed things up?

Instead of saying you need ten years to be able to pay off all your debts, cut it down to half. Money isn’t going to fall on your lap but opportunities to make money will. Don’t be so surprised to find new sources of income. You might get a raise, find a part-time job or come up with a million-dollar idea!

The time has come to stop following limiting beliefs about money. You are the captain of your own ship. Be the one to dictate your life.

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