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Methods of Persuasion – 3 Simple Yet Powerful Tips to Persuade Anyone

These days, being adept on the different methods of persuasion is the key to success. Whether you’re a student who is trying to make it to the dean’s list, or a regular employee trying to earn a promotion, having the power of persuasion will help you reach your goals.

There are many methods of persuasion available for your use, but below are the ones which can be used in a wide range of situations and have a very high success rate.

Methods of Persuasion # 1: Presenting Evidence

People respond well to facts and are more agreeable when evidence is presented. It’s the way people have been brought up and are still being brought up to this day. In fact, in the court of law, evidence is the one thing that stands between freedom and imprisonment.

Methods of Persuasion # 2: A Way With Pauses

The right way you use words is common in persuasion, but learning how to use pauses creates more impact.

For example, pausing after every command or request makes it more powerful. People are able to comprehend what you’re saying with each pause. Pausing after every important line in your speech has more effect on the audience than going through the whole thing without stopping.

Methods of Persuasion # 3: One Thing At A Time

Another way to persuade people is by asking for things one thing at a time. You don’t give them a whole list of things you need, but feed the items to them one at a time.

You start out with something small before proceeding on to the bigger favors. For example, you can ask your dad if you can attend this concert with a friend. If he gives you permission, you can later ask him for allowance, and so on.

These methods of persuasion have helped a good many people achieve their goals. As simple as they are, these subtle techniques will help you go far.

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