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Mind Control Brainwashing Techniques: How To Protect Yourself

Mind control brainwashing techniques can be useful if used ethically, but can be dangerous in the wrong hands.

While some people use them for purposes of self-development, others have no qualms about using them to put you in harm’s way. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated. Read on to know more about these methods!

Mind Control Brainwashing Technique # 1: Hypnosis Without Permission

A lot of people now turn to hypnosis to help them remember childhood memories and even past lives. Sometimes, they look to hypnosis to help them change something about themselves.

There’s nothing wrong with seeking alternative treatment. In fact, many have proclaimed at how life changing hypnotic sessions could be.

However, the danger lies in putting yourself in the hands of a hypnotherapist that you do not know. You may unwittingly be putting your life and well-being in danger.

When someone comes up to you and claims that he or she can put you into a trance, don’t let that person try even if you don’t believe in the power of hypnosis. At the very least, you must be accompanied by someone you trust.

Mind Control Brainwashing Technique # 2: Isolation From What Is Familiar

One of the more sinister brainwashing methods is that of isolation. This is when you are forcibly separated from your family, friends and all things familiar.

You might not think of it as a big deal, but being isolated from everybody else can have drastic effects on your psyche. Social isolation not only strips you of your personal beliefs, it also molds you into whatever the person or a group of people want you to think.

With no one else to back you up, you’d have no choice but to go along with the popular belief. To avoid being brainwashed this way, be on the lookout for people who insist on steering you away from your family and friends.

Mind Control Brainwashing Technique # 3: Scare Tactics That Play With Your Mind

Scare tactics can be anything from threats to cryptic mind games. This mind control trick feeds on a person’s fear and is no doubt one of the most dangerous of all.

When you feel threatened in any way, it’s important that you seek the help of your friends, family and the right authorities. The paranoia alone can result in you doing something you normally wouldn’t do in normal circumstances.

These mind control brainwashing techniques are almost invisible in nature. However, with awareness and proper support, you can now defend yourself against people who use them unethically and keep yourself out of danger.

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