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Mind Control Stories and Techniques – Using Mind Control to Persuade People to Accept Your Ideas

You might think that mind control stories belong to the same category as fairy tales. However, these stories are not just for amusement purposes only. These stories are very real and can be applied to your everyday life.

Take my case for example. I have long been practicing mind control techniques and have published quite a number of articles on the subject.

However, I realize that it might be difficult for a regular person to understand it in an academic context. So I have decided to share with you one of the mind control stories revolving around one of my young cousins. Out of the handbook and into real life, so to speak.

I was very glad when my cousin made good use of the persuasion and mind control techniques I’ve taught him, involving the one he used in the situation below:

At school, he has a habit of coming up with a lot of ideas. Unfortunately, his classmates sometimes don’t bite into it because of all the extra work it would entail.

One day, during a brainstorming session for a school fair, a fabulous idea entered his mind. Knowing how his classmates would probably react to the extra work, he came up with another idea-something more complex and that required more effort from them all.

When the time came to pitch his ideas, he suggested the more complex one first. Naturally, the students turned it down, not wanting to do too much. Then, my cousin cleverly sneaked in his original idea. Everyone seemed to be more accepting of it.

I’m sure you know where I’m going with this mind control story. What my cousin did was to first ask for something more than what he really intended, before asking for his original request.

Why is this mind control technique so effective?

1) People generally tend to accept something more if they know you tweaked it to their favor. This is sort of like haggling with a vendor.

2) They tend to compare both ideas; so when the complex one was presented first, the second less complex one seems a lot easier to do.

3) People tend to comply with a smaller request after they rejected a bigger one. That’s because they feel that you have given them a concession, which they will try to reciprocate.

Since my young cousin showed that some persuasion techniques are innate in us, I’m pretty sure you would do well with this strategy too. Aren’t mind control stories like this simply fascinating?

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