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Mind Control Stories – How I Convinced My Family to Visit Thailand

Mind control stories could be very helpful, especially when you want to get people to see your point of view. People can sometimes be either too closed-minded or they already have a fixed opinion. This can be rather frustrating, which is why I have decided to share one of my mind control stories with you.

This story tells of how I managed to convince my family to go on a trip to Thailand instead of China. It might not sound like such a huge feat, but I have to say that the whole Thai experience was really amazing; and of course, so was the sound of victory.

Now here’s how my mind control story began. My family has relatives in China and had been planning to go see them during the summer. I was to come along as well but for several reasons, I wanted to take a different trip. For one, we had already gone to China before. And another, I had been wanting to take a trip to Thailand for ages.

Telling my family straight out that we should go to Thailand would not work. Aside from the fact that we don’t know anybody there, my parents think that the language barrier might prove to be a hassle. I knew we would definitely enjoy Thailand, and have already looked up various activities we could enjoy.

Instead of trying to convince them day in and out of the better option, I continuously dropped comments about Thailand and what people do there for fun. I mentioned Thailand so many times that soon, they too, began to feel intrigued about the place. Suffice to say, we packed our bags soon thereafter and boarded on our plane flight to Thailand.

The persuasion technique I used in this mind control story is called repetition. Since I mentioned the wonders of Thailand to them so many times, they started feeling the excitement of traveling to an unknown country where we didn’t know anybody but our travel guide. Pretty soon, their minds took a different turn and they began envisioning themselves visiting all the tourist spots in Thailand.

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