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Mind Control Stories – How I Used Mind Control to Borrow Money

Mind control isn’t really as bizarre as film and television make it out to be. It is simply the process of knowing how to handle situations and people. There’s no need for any swinging pendulum or hypnotic eyes. All you have to do is understand what makes people tick. If you still don’t believe me, perhaps I should share with you one of my personal mind control stories.

I’ve heard and read enough mind control stories to realize when something similar happens to me. My story is simple; but at the same time, the actual moment made me feel like I did something great for myself.

While I was growing up, there were times when I found myself a little strapped for cash. My financial crisis was nothing too major, of course. Luckily, I always have my sister to borrow money from. She could be generous whenever she wants to (and I always pay her back, anyway). However, there were moments when she becomes incapable of caring for penniless me.

Around this time, I had already started reading up on persuasion techniques and interesting mind control stories. I came across a simple method that seemed plausible enough. After all, what do I have to lose by trying it out right?

This mind control technique simply suggests that you ask for more that you need. If the person refuses, then you make a concession to settle for a smaller version or amount. It’s basically the same concept you use when you’re trying to haggle prices with vendors.

So the next time I found myself in need of a little cash support, I asked my sister for an amount higher than what I really needed. She really didn’t want to lend me any money; but when I lowered the amount, her heart softened and she gave in.

Mind control stories like these are based on research indicating that people will be more willing to grant a smaller favor after turning down a bigger request.

Or perhaps, people just really want to give you a chance but don’t want to make it seem like they’re giving it away for free. A little prodding here and there ought to do the trick. Haggling with people often seems to work.

Mind control stories are often amazing, leaving us readers in awe. But sometimes, it’s the simplest accounts that make us sit up and take notice. I trust you’ll find your own special story soon enough. Good luck.

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